Each year, we explore the effects that the climate has on our different plots. Parcels are then specially selected for the different cuvées, taking into account of course the quality of each terroir. Reflecting our concern to obtain good overall maturation, grapes are hand-picked at precise levels of maturity, stiking a balance between the different natural components of the berries including the acidity levels, the richness of sugars and colours. Apart from a light sulfitage, no other additives are incorporated in the wines at fermentation time.

- One Rosé
4 red wines : Mattines, Campagnole, Campanery, and Tarentelle (only in Magnums)

Grapes are grown on land parcels with some sand to help develop greater freshness for the wine. The method used for wine-making involves gentle pressing, followed by fermentation in tanks, relying on the action of native yeasts. A small volume of ‘Must’ – about 10% - is fermented in barrels, with bâttonage of the lees, to enhance both the structure and the texture of the blend.
Tasting : We obtain an elegant and harmonious light red wine with a beautiful limpid hue. There are pleasant red fruit aromas, and a delicate, well-balanced palate showing minerality, subtle tannins and good length.
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The 2012 vintage Cuvée "Matines"
Born of a sensitive interaction with nature, this wine was conceived to be light on the palate, easy on the tongue, but still richly complex. Pleasant aromas of red fruit and spices ; in the mouth well balanced, voluptuous, showing minerality, subtle tannins, and good length.
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The 2013 Vintage Cuvée "Matines"
Belonging to the « cuvees Matines », this vintage is caraterised by his flexibility, fruit and beautiful complexity.
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• The 2014 Vintage Cuvée "Matines"

A thyme smell direct from natural surroundings .
In the mouth well balanced light on the palate , pleasant aromas of red fruit and spices.
Characterised by is supplenes.
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• T
he 2011 Vintage Cuvée "Campagnole"
Born of different land parcels, the Campagnole assembles old Grenache grapes, the bequtiful Syrahs, and a whisper of old Cinsault fruit. Growth in old oak barrels gives a discreet woody tang. The wine is supple, fruity, and well-balanced.
We obtain a vigorous and harmonious wine with an exquisite deep-red hue. There are delightful red fruit aromas, and a delicate balanced palate showing minerality, subtle tannins, and surprising length.
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• T
he 2012 Vintage Cuvée "Campagnole"
This vintage create a sensation as 2011. Beautiful aromas of red fruit like wild black berries. Deep red hue, nice balance with roundness and vivacity , flexibility of tannins and good length .
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• The 2011 Vintage Cuvée "Campanery
Aromas of red fruit and spices.
In the mouth first feeling of velvet, then appears a generous aromas of red fruit, well balanced with roundness and good length
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• The 2011 Vintage Magnum "Tarentelle
Close to the vintage Campagnole 2011, Tarentelle 2011 originated from the same parcels. Only in Magnum.
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