The vineyard lies within the "Appellation d’Origine Controlée côtes de Ventoux”  and spreads over  some 16 hectares, covering nearly all of a small terrace whose terroir is made-up essentially of pebbly, limestone soils with sandy patches in places. This well-drained palteau is fed by a water-table lying some 5 to 10 meters below the surface, thus allowing the vines to flourish without stress. Sunlight is equally important, the vineyard benefitting from an all-round exposure. Its proximity to the Mont Ventoux maintains fresh night-time temperatures during the summer, a key factor to a gentle maturing process, favouring colour intensity and sprite cranberry-fruit aromas.

The grape-varieties comprise Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and old black Carignan, all varieties that thrive particularly well on this terroir. The age of the vines ranges from 25 to 60 years. This factor, along with the special attention paid to pruning, keeps yields low .. this insures the production of grapes of the highest possible quality.

These different points explain, in part, why we embarked on the organic agricultural conversion process, controlled by ECOCERT. The region’s weather conditions are an important ally. Hot, dry summers may be punctuated by occasional rain-showers and the following Mistral wind dries the leaves and berries, providing a natural regulation of humidity, a permanent concern in agriculture. This allows us to reduce considerably the levels of copper and sulphur treatments, often to levels noticeably lower than those recommended by organic agriculture certification agencies (upto 1/6th of authorised doses).



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